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| 1 minute read

North Carolina Redistricting Fight Goes for Another Round

Yesterday, the North Carolina Supreme Court heard oral arguments for the second time in Harper v. Hall, now dubbed Harper v. Hall II, a case which will have profound implications on North Carolina elections regardless of the outcome. 

These arguments come less than three months after the Court decided this case the first time, finding that North Carolina's legislative districts as drawn by the General Assembly violated the North Carolina Constitution. 

Since then, the Court got some new justices and a motion for rehearing was granted over the scathing dissent of two justices. 

It seems unlikely that the Court would choose to revisit this case unless it intended to change the result, but it is yet unclear. The outcome of this case could have implications not only in North Carolina, but nationally. 

Moore v. Harper, which is related to this case, is still pending before the United States Supreme Court. That case, concerning the so-called "independent state legislature doctrine," could possibly result in state courts being deprived of jurisdiction to hear challenges to federal elections and federal redistricting. It could be mooted depending on the outcome of Harper v. Hall II. 

Time will tell how this all plays out, but in the interim, it is safe to say that this is one local political fight with profound national implications. 

More on this case from Will Doran, WRAL's state government reporter (and old college friend of the author) can be found here.

Oral arguments can be found here.


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